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Unfortunatley, due to covid-19 we are currently unable to run training sessions however we are looking forward to the day when we can get back to it and compete against other unis. Please read on to see what we loved to get up to on a regularly basis pre-covid!

Usually, we have training sessions every week in term time, most frequently to Stoke Dry Slope where we can train both freestyle and racing. We go to Manchester Snow dome twice per term and one trip to Graystone Skatepark as well. We also arrange beginner lessons for those who want to join the dark side or need a refresher! After the first two weeks of term, you will need a Snowsports Athletic Union membership to take part in any training sessions so why not give it a go now and make the most of the first few sessions whilst insurance is included!

At our Stoke Race and Freestyle training sessions there is no competitive experience needed! As long as you have skied/boarded before and you can use a drag lift the you're good to go! We take over Val D' Stoke for social evenings of racing, freestyle and general skiing/boarding for just £12! Buy 3 Get One Free - ooooh baby, now we're talking! We include transport, equipment and 2 hours slope use (with as much use of the slalom course and freestyle features as you like) so bring your bevvies and get yourselves booked on to our next session via the facebook event.



Our freestyle training sessions most frequently go to Stoke Dry Slope, where there is a small kicker (largest trick I've seen on this was a cork 720). As well as this, there is a rail set up which is most frequently has 3 rails and a box, so there is plenty here to learn tricks on. In the Manchester Snow dome there are a couple of rails and a small kicker as well. We'll also take a trip to Graystone skatepark, which has a trampoline, a foam pit and roller skis and boards for anyone who wants to try some big air tricks.


LivSnow has a thriving combined race team with LJMU! After some great results last season, we would love to get the team a bit bigger and see a few more people competing regularly to get even better results this year. We welcome all levels. So if you've never skies a dry slope before, don't worry - its funky on the first go but after two sessions you'll be ripping. We also now have ourselves some sexy tuning equipment which will make a huge difference to everyones progress at each training session.


Our first competition is one for the racers! Kings Round 1 in October! Not only do we want as many competitors as we can, but we also want plenty of spectators to cheer the competitors on and come to our PHAT après!! We'll be at the slope for most of the afternoon so make sure you bring yourself some munch warm clothing and most importantly, bring the bevs. Get yourselves over to our Facebook page to sign yourself up. If you'd like to compete make sure you message our race captian, Graham Reed, or come along to our next training session.



We have a few freestyle and race competitions a year where we would love to have as many competitors as possible. The competitions are not too serious, a lot of fun and a great way to meet other people with a passion for our sport. The first comp of the year, KINGS, is for all you racers (and spectators!) out there. Pack some food and bevs for a day of racing and general debauchery! Our first joint freestyle and race comp is BUDS, which takes place in Edinburgh. This is a two day competition run by NUCO on the largest dry ski slope in the UK. For freestyle, on day one we have a 3 round rail jam. The first round is called the Jerry Jam and around 50% of competitors get through to the semi finals, then the finals consist of the top 8 skiers. Day two is a competition for the biggest rail trick which consist of of the same 3 rounds. For racing, there are both slalom and duels competitions running on both days. As well as the competition side, we party hard with a nuco run club event every night and the dry slope itself  is après central. The other comps include the Dome series North where the first 2 rounds are held in Snozone (Yorkshire) and the finals are held at a later date in ChillFactorE followed by the final comp of the year which is on our very own stomping ground - Val D'Stoke. Competition dates are not yet confirmed however we will keep you updated on social media. Check out our facebook page to sign yourself up to compete or book on to spectate at our the next one once the competions are back up on running!!



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