Do I have to have an AU membership to go on the trips?
No! An AU membership is not required to book on the trip. Anyone from anywhere and age can book on. However, Snowsport AU members have access to book on 24 hours before the trip is launched and are not charged a non-members fee.

How do I book on to the trip?
Keep an eye on the LivSnow socials for the launch dates and then follow the link that leads to the NUCO website. To speed up booking and to avoid any stress it is advised to create a NUCO account beforehand. – tickets usually sell out within the hour!

Can I pay for the trip in instalments?
Yes! A £100 deposit is required first to secure your place.

What does the base price of the trip include?
The base price includes: 6/7-night accommodation, lift pass, discount wristband, executive coach travel, trip tee
Equipment hire, workshops, merch, lessons.

“All my mates can ski, and I can’t, can I still come?”
Of course! To help, in the run up to the trip LivSnow will be running three weekly beginner lessons at Chillfactore so keep an eye out on our social media for the details about how to get involved or email our Vice-President Alex at alexkellypersonal@gmail.com.
There are also lessons available on the trip for a variety of levels which you can choose when booking on.

How do you travel there, and can I organise my own transport?
Executive return coach travel is included in every ticket. You can book your own flights which can reduce the cost of the trip slightly

Can I take my own equipment?

Do I need insurance?
There is an option to buy insurance from NUCO for the trip on the booking page or you can use your own insurance. You will just need your insurance company details to book on with.

Any other trip related questions?
Email our Holiday Sec: beamorrison517@gmail.com


Are socials currently going ahead?

Unfortunatley, due to covid-19 we are unable to run socials at this point in time but we would LOVE to get together as soon as it is safe to do so!

Can I still come to the training sessions at Stoke even if I’m not good at either freestyle or racing?
Yes, anyone of any ability is welcome at the training session, just make sure you can use a button lift! The sessions are a great opportunity to try new things and meet like-minded people who are passionate about everything snow who love a jolly.

How do I book on to training?
Head over to the LivSnow Facebook page to find the latest training event page and click the PayPal link to pay and book on.

Contacts regarding training or competitions queries:
Race: 12reedg@gmail.com
Freestyle: jec.jchesney@gmail.com

Do I need an AU membership to come to socials?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Anyone and everyone can come along to our socials - the more the merrier! The only thing you NEED an AU Snowsports membership for is for the freestyle/race training (apart from the first two weeks of the autumn term).